Cotton Linen sarees

                                        Cotton linen sarees

These cotton linen saree comfortable fabrics have been used in India for many years. These sarees are made from flax plant.
This fabric is so light that it has invisible holes for air to enter. So it is one of the breathable fabrics. That effect is one of the most famous fabrics in the world.
Cotton linen sarees

Silk linen sarees
The blend of silk linen gives the fabric a shiny look. The saree is attractive because of that. This sari is perfect for any special occasion.

Silk linen saree


Cotton sarees
The unique blend of cotton linen gives this saree a strong pose. This saree can be perfect for summer !!!!!

cotton sarres

Sarees care
These beautiful sarees are very easy to handle. You can wash these sarees with washing machine or dry clean the sarees. Each wash makes the linen sari soft. Avoid washing these sarees with other dark colored clothes.
Linen sarees can be found at Ethnoss, the largest saree brand in India. You can choose beautiful sarees from 1000 designs. You will find the sari glamorous.

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