Top 10 Must Buy Affordable Sarees by Ethnoss

Sarees are Women’s Best Friends. It is believed that the way a saree is draped, positive energy flows through the body keeping the mind, soul, and body of a person healthy and happy. It rules out all negative energies: The fetishes and reasons to wear and shop Saree are innumerable and so is the price for a good Chikankari saree. Ethnoss has a set of affordable sarees for your Saree fetish. Read the blog below to know them.

Ethnoss Sarees

1. Arctic Mint Chikenkari Woven Silk Saree – This elegant silk saree comes for Rs. 2,820 which is way cheaper than the market price. It is sold by retailers. This Arctic Mint Chikenkari Woven Silk Saree is a perfect piece of bliss to wear and carry to any party or function.

White Paithani

2. Cream Coloured Butterfly Chikenkari Woven Silk Saree – The best part about the fabric is that it can be dyed into several pretty colors. This pretty woven silk saree comes for just Rs. 2,820 which is way more affordable than the retail price. This elegant piece can be carried to any party and function & you would definitely make your presence feel unique and sparkling.

Apple Red And Golden Kanjivaram Soft Silk Saree

3. Flame Orange Chikenkari Woven Silk Saree – This vibrant piece of saree comes for just Rs. 2,820. It’s woven in bright, keeping our Indian culture and festivals in mind. Wear this saree for marriage functions or special occasions and be in the limelight, wherever you go.

Arctic Blue Ikkat Patola Silk Saree

4. French Rose Chikenkari Woven Silk Saree – Rose symbolizes Love and so depicts our saree. This saree is woven with love and comes at a price of just Rs. 2,820. It gives a fresh touch to your attire and soothes your mood. Be the prettiest in the room with our french rose Chikenkari woven silk saree.

Blue Pantone Chikenkari Silk Saree

5. Pista Green Chikenkari Woven Silk Saree – Pistas can lower your chances for cardiovascular disease so can our Pista green Chikenkari woven silk saree. Comes at a cheaper deal of just Rs. 2,820. This saree is definitely classy wear and best to carry on with for your professional meetings.

Pantone Chikenkari Silk Saree

6. Honey Yellow Chikenkari Woven Silk Saree – This sweet honey dew drops saree comes at just Rs. 2,810. honey yellow Chikenkari woven silk saree is perfect to drape on your business meetings or family gatherings and light up the environment there.

Sapphire Blue Woven Banarasi Silk Saree

7. Carrot Yellow And Golden Kanjivaram Soft Silk Saree – Carrots are a healthy purchase and so is our ethnic carrot yellow and golden Kanjivaransoft silk saree. This brilliant Saree comes at an affordable price of Rs 2,890. Wear our Saree to look graciously presentable on every occasion.

Wheat Red Pathani Silk Saree

8. Bubblegum Pink Zari Kanjivaran Silk Saree – Bubble gums are everyone’s favorite so could be ourbubblegum pink zari Kanjivaran silk saree. This pretty adorable Saree comes at just Rs. 3,010 perfect for romantic date nights.

Best sarees collection at low prices

9. Sapphire Blue Woven Banarasi Silk Saree – Elegance packed in this saree and comes at just Rs. 3,070 which is way cheaper than the market retail prices. Shop this sapphire blue woven Banarasi silk saree and light up the table with elegance.

Lime Green Cotton Soft Khadi Print Saree

10. Blue And Golden Kanjivaram Silk Woven Saree – Kanjivaram sarees are Indian Women’s forever favorite ones. This gorgeous blue and golden Kanjivaran silk woven saree comes at a pocket-friendly price of just Rs. 2,980 wear and slay every party or function you go to.

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