Top 10 Summer Friendly Linen Sarees

Ethnoss gives you “The Perfect Destination” to all that you want. It’s a match made in heaven. From outfits for the bride to something to wear at a wedding, we have it all. Racks for all events of Engagement, Haldi, Sangeet, and much more. We carry our customers’ love that our designs are based on a deep understanding of our clientele and what looks good on them. Here at Ethnoss, the problem isn’t finding the perfect outfit, but choosing from one or two from a large stack of favorites you’ve discovered.

Let’s Take a Look through Some of Our Linen Saree Collection:

1. Blue Zari linen printed saree This blue linen-printed saree is an absolute pick during summer days. With mesmerizing digital print, giving it an elegant look for events. Its soft cornflower blue shade has a contrasting blue finish with a lustrous look with flowers on it. Ideal for weddings and traditional events. This one is definitely a must-have in your wardrobe. Price: Rs. 3560/- only

cotton linen

2. Tan Zari Kosen Linen Style saree -This Tan Zari Kosen linen style saree is a stunner. The tan color and the fabric’s rugged texture is the main attraction of this one. This is ideal for casual events and traditional functions. The linen material gives it ease during summer days for all-day comfort. It gives a traditional look to this one. Price: Rs. 3860/- only

linen silk saree

3. Flamingo pink weaving linen saree This flamingo-pink weaving saree comes in a pleasing shade of pink, giving it a subtle look. This woven linen silk saree gives it a soaked charm in a simple and elegant piece. This one is in demand due to its stylish print. Price: Rs. 3570/- only

Linen silk saree online

4. Seafoam Green Zari Woven linen silk saree -This Seafoam green Zarii woven linen silk saree is an eye-pleaser. This one has a soaked charm that is absolutely decent and a pleasant one. It is stylish with a traditional touch of digitally printed motifs on it. Linen fabric gives ease during hot summer days. Price: Rs. 3580/- only

5. Rice white zari woven linen silk saree -This rice-white zari-woven linen in a silk saree is ideal for traditional events. The digitally printed motifs and large flowers design make it a must-have in your wardrobe. This one is bound to steal hearts wherever it goes. Linen fabric makes it easier during summer days. Price: Rs. 3590/- only

6. Smoke grey silver zari woven linen silk saree -This smoke grey woven linen silk saree comes with additional zari to it making it so gorgeous. This color steals all the attention from the rest. Linen fabric gives comfort during hot summer days. The design on this one made up of silver is in demand due to its minute detailing. Price: Rs. 3590/- only

7. Corn yellow zari woven linen silk saree -This corn yellow zari linen saree comes in a silk saree. The bright color becomes a point of attraction from the rest of the colors. This piece brings out the freshest color with its additional zari and adds an elegant look. Linen fabric gives it ease all day long. Price: Rs. 3580/- only

8. Taubman Arctic Green Waving Linen saree -This Taubman’Arctic Green saree is an absolute stunner. The golden border to this one compliments the color of the saree. In addition to that, the work on pallu and the rest of the levitates the look of the saree tremendously. Linen fabric brings out the best during the summer days. It can be paired with gold jewelry giving it a more elegant look. Price: Rs. 4410/- only

9. Mellow orange weaving linen saree -This mellow orange weaving linen saree emits all the gorgeousness. The golden border enhances the entire look in addition to the color of the saree. A blouse made up of linen silk brings more sparkle to this one. When paired with gold jewelry it looks even more beautiful. Price: Rs. 4410/- only

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10. Brick pink weaving silk saree -This brick pink weaving silk saree has an absolute subtle vibe. The saree has a golden border which only elevates its beauty of the saree. The design is digitally printed making it look even more stunning. Linen fabric gives ease all day long on summer days

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